Mozzarella Stick

We were fasting yesterday for Ashoura day or the 10th of Muharram, so I prepared this simple yet yummy recipe as our appetizer.  I made it in a very basic way, I did not add any spices on it since I want a very natural mozzarella stick.

According to wiki:

“Mozarella stick sometimes called mozza sticks, mozzies, cheese sticks, fried mozzarella, are rectangular or cylindrical pieces of battered or breaded mozzarella cheese. This deep-fried snack is most often served at restaurants or pizza parlors as an appetizer or as North American pub fare. They are also available at some fast-food restaurants.”

Mozzarella cheese
All-purpose flour
Egg, beaten
Bread Crumbs
Oil for deep frying

1. Slice mozzarella cheese into 2 ½ inch length and 1x ½ inch thick or as desired.
2. Dredge each mozzarella stick into the flour, then dip in egg, then coat with the breadcrumbs. If you want the coatings to be thicker, dip in egg again, then coat again with the bread crumbs.
3. Deep fry in hot oil until golden brown, turn to brown the other side. Drain in paper towels. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce.

Note: If you want it to be spicy, season the flour or bread crumbs with any spicy powders of your choice.


3 Responses

  1. […] usual our favorite meal to break our fast is pasta or noodles. I just served it with plain toast, mozarella stick, fruit, fried egg and some drinks. I never thought that fried egg was good to eat with pasta until […]

  2. as easy as that? wow!

  3. That’s the basic one, many variations are also available 🙂

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