Buko and Macaroni Salad

Few weeks ago, my hubby requested me to make Buko Salad but we didn’t have time to visit the Filipino Stores in Kuwait City to buy shredded buko, so what I made was just a plain sweet macaroni salad for him. I knew the taste was different but at least there was something to munch in placed of our all-time favorite buko salad! Then 2 days ago, we went to Sharq to buy something there and since it is close to Kuwait City, we took the opportunity to drop by at the Filipino stores and we bought Kangkong, kamote tops, alugbati, pechay, shrimp paste, hopia and of course the frozen shredded buko that my hubby was longing to eat. When we reached home, I thawed the frozen buko immediately and prepared the other ingredients as well.

What made this salad different from the one I posted here before was the macaroni that I added on it, my first post was just plain buko with fruits and of course it was so yummy yummy yum! So why I added macaroni here? Well, to last longer lol 🙂 and eat again for the second time around! Got it? Moreover, my little Azhfaar loves macaroni a lot, so that’s’ the second reason why I added macaroni on it.

450 g shredded buko (young coconut), reserved juice
200 g elbow macaroni
1 230 g can of jackfruit, sliced, reserved syrup
1 825 g can of fruit cocktail, reserved syrup
1 340 g bottle of kaong or nata de coco
1 340 g bottle of sweet fruit mix (halo-halo)
1 can 170 g all-purpose cream
1 cup milk powder
2/3 cup condensed milk

1. Cook the macaroni according to package instruction. Let it cool, then add condensed milk.
2.In a large bowl, mix all the ingredient together including the syrups.
3. Chill for 1 hour before serving.

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