Grilled Chicken with Baked Potatoes

Originally my plan was to grill chicken only but when I saw that many drippings were just only wasted in the dripping dish that I place below the chicken, I immediately remembered to bake potatoes and place it below the chicken so that it can catch all the drippings, so the chicken taste were all there in the potato.


This is what I did: First, I prepared the chicken for grilling, the whole chicken was sliced into 4 parts, I want to marinate it before grilling but I have no time, our meal time was already near. So, I boiled it for 5-7 minutes with enough water to cover, few salt and peppercorns. While boiling, I ground onions, green onions and ginger together, add some salt and pepper, after boiling the chicken and drained, I rub the onions mixture all over the chicken slices. Then I arranged it in the grill wire and grill it in a preheated 250 degrees oven. When I noticed the drippings, that was when I decided to place some potatoes under it. I immediately cut each potato in half. I scooped out its meat, I add some chopped onions on the potato meat, few bell pepper, soy sauce, salt and pepper. I stuffed the potato cavities with the mixture and I put it under the chicken to catch all the dripping sauce. It takes 1 hour for me to grill and bake but the result was really satisfying.


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